Antelope Valley School District


Absences must be verified and cleared by the parent/guardian by calling the Attendance Office at 718-3100. Last Names A-K ext. 870/Last Names L-Z ext. 871 Also parents can email us at

Attendance & Extra-Curricular Policy

1. Any student who has more than 8 combined unexcused absences and/or unexcused tardies, in a quarter, in any given period, will receive an unsatisfactory (U) in citizenship by the teacher of record. If a student receives three or more U’s in citizenship at the quarter or semester grading period, they will not be eligible for any extra-curricular activity for the following quarter. Those activities include athletics, dances, and club involvement.

2. Students may opt to attend Voluntary Saturday School (VSS) for a minimum of four hours to clear absences which have not been cleared by a verified excuse. After attending VSS, the student will have the option of clearing one all-day unexcused absence or two unexcused period absences. VSS must be attended prior to the end of quarter in which the absences can affect citizenship status. Once a U has been posted by the teacher of record at the conclusion of the grading period, VSS cannot retroactively change the citizenship grade from the previous quarter.

3. Parents will be notified of the number of unexcused absences their student has in each class at the following times: first quarter progress report, first quarter report card, second quarter progress report, third quarter progress report, third quarter report card, fourth quarter progress report. Attendance is also posted on PowerSchool. (Usernames and passwords are obtainable through the guidance office.)

4. Board policy was approved June/2017. A parent can excuse up to three consecutive days of illness. Anything beyond three days would require a doctor’s note.

5. Parents may clear, by note or phone call, any non-suspension or non-truant absence during a period of time not to exceed three school days after the occurrence of the absence. After the three-day window of opportunity, a doctor’s note indicating a diagnosis or court verification is required to clear an absence.

6. If a student is absent from school for a portion of the day for illness or a doctor’s visit,

The parent or guardian must properly check the student out of school through the Attendance Office. If this procedure is not followed, the student’s period absences may be marked as unexcused. See section for off-campus procedure. (This includes senior lunch privilege students.)

7. Students attending Regional Occupation Program (ROP) classes are held to different attendance requirements as required by state education code. The ROP program will clarify those requirements.

8. The Superintendent is directed to establish procedures to implement this policy. Annually, an evaluation of this policy shall be reported to the Board of Trustees.

Remember: Absences must be verified and cleared by the parent/guardian by calling the Attendance Office at 718-3100. Last Names A-K ext. 870/Last Names L-Z ext. 871 Also parents can email us at


A student is tardy when not in the assigned classroom and ready to work when the tardy bell rings. When a student is tardy, consequences will be assigned as follows:

#1-7 Warning via School Messenger.

#8-10 Choice by student: 15 minute lunch detention or ASW (appropriate intervention to take place 2 days after the day in which the tardy is logged. Failure to report for the assigned lunch detention or ASW will result in assignment to Saturday School.)

#11 Referral to CAW, for SART contract and Saturday School, (appropriate intervention to take place within the next two scheduled Saturday School sessions);

#12 + Referral to CAW, VP conference with Saturday School, parent conference (Failure to report to the assigned Saturday School will result in assignment to 1 day on-campus suspension).

Extended Absences

Short Term Independent Study is for extended absences other than illness (i.e., vacation, camps, fair participation, surgery or medical procedure, etc.) of five or more days, not to exceed 20 days. Credit can be obtained for class work completed during the student’s absence from school. Completed forms must be submitted at least six days prior to the first day of expected absence. Contact the attendance office for further information.

Ditch Days: QHHS does NOT authorize “ditch days” at any time for any grade level.

Off-Campus Pass: Students may not leave campus for any reason without an off-campus pass. Off campus requests must be in writing to the Attendance office. Students may bring the note either before school or at snack. All requests will be verified prior to release of the student. Parents are welcome to come to the attendance office to sign their student out with proper ID. However, students will not be paged at lunch or at snack break times. (This includes senior lunch privilege students.)

Students will not be released via phone call requests.