Antelope Valley School District

Mission and Vision


The vision of Quartz Hill High School is to develop respectful, perseverant, exemplary, and focused individuals who desire to achieve at their highest potential and become life-long learners within their future careers and communities.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Quartz Hill High School is to provide a place to grow as unstoppable learners, deeply respecting one another and our communities, while wholeheartedly developing the communication and leadership skills to become truly Royal within the world today.

QHHS School-Wide Learner Outcomes (RULE)

Through a rigorous and relevant curriculum, Quartz Hill High School will prepare students to be...


of everyone, Royals improve the overall culture of our school and community by showing courtesy, helpfulness, kindness and responsibility.


in our efforts to learn, Royals work to analyze and evaluate information in order to build critical thinking skills that can be used to create innovative solutions to real-world problems despite the challenges they face.


by example, Royals motivate each other by practicing good citizenship , showing our strong work ethics, and engaging in effective collaboration to build a strong learning community. 


together, in the learning process, Royals demonstrate our abilities to communicate ideas clearly and respond effectively to others through reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Alma Mater

Where the almond blossoms bloom
And the mountains meet the sky
Stands our alma mater dear
Grand old Quartz Hill High
Quartz Hill High
Quartz Hill High
To you we’ll all be true
Tho’ the years pass swiftly by
We’re loyal to the gold and blue.