Antelope Valley School District

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement:

The mission of Quartz Hill High School is to produce responsible citizens who are able to communicate effectively, to set and achieve realistic goals, and who become lifelong learners.

Alma Mater

Where the almond blossoms bloom
And the mountains meet the sky
Stands our alma mater dear
Grand old Quartz Hill High
Quartz Hill High
Quartz Hill High
To you we’ll all be true
Tho’ the years pass swiftly by
We’re loyal to the gold and blue.

QHHS School-Wide Learner Outcomes (REBS)

Through a rigorous and relevant curriculum, Quartz Hill High School will prepare students to be...

Responsible Citizens

Students will improve the quality of life in our school and community at large by displaying tolerance, respect for others, poise, and self-control, and by participating in the democratic process.

Effective Communicators

Students will demonstrate the ability to communicate ides clearly and to respond appropriately to the messages of others through reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Bold Problem Solvers

Students will work to analyze and evaluate information in order to build critical thinking skills that can be used to create innovative solutions to real-world problems.

Self-Directed Learners

Students will demonstrate a positive work ethic by practicing organizational strategies, planning ahead, and using effective study skills independently.