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That's right, due to the closure we need your help to record the year. 

This year EVERYONE is on the yearbook staff!

That's right, due to the closure we need your help to record the year. 


The yearbook staff painstakingly attempts to cover all our shared and individual memories throughout the year. While we may not be able to be together during this time, it is more important than ever to document the most unique year in our school's history. Not only are we amidst a pandemic, but this will also be the first year for our new mascot. 



  • Choose photos for the following categories:
    • Classmates (pets/siblings/other)
    • Summer Activity
    • Welcome Back (back to school inspired photo)
    • Workspace
  • More detailed information is provided on the submissions form with examples


We need information about your photos to be able to use them.

  • Click on Student Photo Submissions Form and complete
  • You may change information after submitting if you need to edit your responses
  • Once complete you do not need to do anything else, your responses are automatically sent


Finally, you will download your photos.

  • Access Private Photo Submission  site.
  • Enter the User ID: 415468788
  • Browse to select the photo(s) you wish to upload, click on “Choose Files.”
  • Enter information about the photo: your name, email
  • Make sure that in the "Description" box you enter the name of the category (e.g. classmates, workspace, etc.)
  • Click “Upload Chosen Images.”    

SENIORS: Get your senior portrait taken by contacting O'Connor Photography and locate your baby photo, both will be collected in October!


With directives given by our governor, we will be in a full distance learning ("At-Home") model.

Good afternoon Quartz Hill families! I would like to update you on our school opening, athletics/activities, name/mascot transition, and school events, while also addressing some frequently asked questions within each area as we rapidly approach our August 10th start date. This update will not answer every question that you have. I assure you, we will be providing you more detailed information as soon as possible. The governor order was given last Friday and we are moving as fast as we can, especially considering the ever-changing state orders. We commit to continue to make communication a priority, please remain patient with us.


School Format Update


As our Superintendent has reported (please see last night's email from the district or at, with directives given by our governor, we will be in a full distance learning ("At-Home") model. During the At-Home model, we will not be using the group A and group B format. The calendar (attached) is approximately the same as the one shared with you last week, minus the A and B groups. Students will be assigned classes (3 periods per day) to attend virtually each day from 7:30am - 12:00pm. There will be daily online/phone check-in opportunities as well. Attendance and participation will be documented during these classes and your student will have opportunities to have their attendance taken at various times. This model will not be like last quarter/year's emergency distance learning (no "work cycles"). Teachers and students have the opportunity to be in a more fluid, live, and engaging At-Home model. 


School Format FAQ

  • Will chromebooks be available? Yes, we will provide chromebooks to those who need it. Stay tuned on social media, app, and email for info. 
  • Will students be able to get their textbooks? Yes, we will provide a schedule to checkout textbooks.  Stay tuned on social media, app, and email for info. 
  • Will students need to check in live to classes? Yes, there will be times that students need to check in live with teachers, however there will be multiple opportunities to do so. 
  • What will the "time on task" be? More info to follow regarding learning expectations, however there will be guidelines.
  • Will 0/7th period course be offered? During the At-Home model, there will be limited 0/7 period classes offered. The days these classes meet will be on your student's schedule. 
  • What is the time commitment for each class? There will be a time-on-task guideline for each class that will combine online/phone (live interaction) time with at-home work time.  
  • What state and county guidelines are you referring to? If you would like further information on the state and county guidelines that drive our process of reopening, please see the Reopening Resources attachments included in this message on our website news section.
  • My student has an IEP, how will my child be serviced? Your case carrier will reach out to you specifically to discuss the IEP and services. 
  • I indicated that I want my student on Independent Study and have not heard back, what do I do? If you still want I.S. even with distance learning, please contact our counseling office directly. You may email Ms. Duke at

Athletic/Activities Update


As of today July 24th, Phase 1 will continue for our students to be able to have the limited access to athletics and activities. Although we are not able to open our schools to an At-School model for 3000+ students due to state and county guidelines, we are able to meet the guidelines of having limited athletics and activities in very controlled environments outside. Athletics and Activities is a vital part of our educational experience with the large majority of our students involved in one or the other. The 3-Phase model for Athletics and Activities was built with these guidelines and expectations for safety at the forefront. Phase 1 is highly controlled and contained for the safety of our students and staff. Athletic programs and activity program start-up dates and times will vary depending on the program. 


Athletic/Activities FAQ

  • How are you able to offer athletics or activities, but not have an "At-School" learning model? Unfortunately, the Governors directives were clear on the learning model we had to follow. However, the Governor and county guidelines on working with students did allow for limited, live, groups to meet outside. We are currently in Phase1 (of 3) which is a very limited phase. For more information on the 3 Phase Model, please see our website.
  • Will we have sports this year? CIF has pushed athletics to the Winter and Spring seasons, essentially combining 3 seasons into 2. We anticipate a December start to the sports season. This means we are still operating under "summer time" rules. Students can play on their club/travel teams this season. Games have not been cut or even limited as of now. For more on the CIF announcement, please visit our website's athletics page and/or this site for CIF news
  • Is band, cheer, ASB, choir, dance, robotics, and clubs considered activities? Yes, these are activities and fall under the 3-Phase model. Each program will vary in their start up and participation times. 
  • Why hasn't my team or club begun under the 3-Phase Model? There could be many reasons why your team or club activity has not started. Please contact your coach or advisor directly (see website if you do not know who to contact) to get information regarding specific start-up dates/times.

QHHS Mascot/Name Transition Update


We are well into the transition to a new name/mascot. This week, alumni, students, and staff will receive information on name/mascot submissions. After submission collection, the committees will bring their selection to the leadership committee and we will select a new name/mascot. The entire process should be completed before Sept. 4th. 


Mascot/Name Transition FAQ

  • Why are you changing the name, don't you know the history/origin of the "Rebel" name? We are well aware of the history and origin of the Rebel name. Unfortunately, a symbol was used to represent the Rebel for well over 30 years that has not stood the test of time. We will continue to respect and honor our school's history while we look forward to the new era of Quartz Hill. 
  • Why can't you just rebrand the Rebels name? This has been attempted multiple times through our history with unsatisfying results. This change was not a knee jerk reaction to any petition or isolated complaint. This transition is years in the making and it was time to implement the change. 

School Events and Senior Activities Update


Quartz Hill High School commits to bring to you the most complete high school experience as we are allowed to do. With this commitment, QH will do everything in our power to have all the events and activities that our students look forward to. These events and activities may be postponed, delayed, or look different, but we will have every event that we can do within the safety guidelines and protocols given by our state and county. In short, if we CAN do it, we WILL do it. 


School Events and Senior Activities FAQ

  • Will we have dances/prom? If we can, we will. It is way too early to report on this, but we commit to have every event we can.
  • Are we going to have a graduation? Again, it is way too early to make this call but our intention is to have graduation. Our graduation date is set for Wednesday June 2nd. 
  • Should we buy an ASB card? The discounts you get on yearbook, free spirit shirt, free academic/athletic/activities letter (if earned), and free valedictorian medal (if earned) make it an economical purchase. 

I appreciate your time and hope this information was helpful. More information to follow. Please visit our website for information on just about everything you may need. We look forward to seeing your student again in a few weeks. 


At Home Distance Learning

Distance Learning Standards

SB98 Opening Info

LACDPH Reopening Protocols