Antelope Valley School District


Distance Learning & Chromebooks

Beginning Thursday, April 2 we will begin distributing chromebooks to assist students without access to technology.

Good evening Quartz Hill High School families

Our staff have been working tirelessly to prepare for your student’s Distance Learning experience. As we prepare for the April 2nd start date, we are ready to issue chromebooks to those in need.

Beginning Thursday, April 2 we will begin distributing chromebooks to assist students without access to technology. Due to the limited number of devices we ask that only those families without a computer check out these devices. At this time, we will only be distributing one device per family.  We have prioritized device check-out to start with seniors, followed by juniors, then sophomores and freshmen. We anticipate being able to supply chromebooks to all families in need, but will need your support in following the protocol outlined below. 

We will check out chromebooks on April 2-3 by grade level. We ask for your patience in this process. We will be checking out devices as quickly as possible but need to keep everyone safe. Sure, there may be a wait, but rest assured we will be working as fast as we can to limit wait-time. In order to ensure a smooth process please read this communication in its entirety and adhere to the procedures, as our goal is to be as efficient as possible and do not want to turn families away. 

Who can pick up chromebooks on April 2nd/3rd?

Only students who filled out the survey by March 31st and indicated anything other than “I have my own tablet, Chromebook, laptop, or desktop computer that will work for distance learning,” may pick up chromebooks this week. If you were not able to fill out the survey, you will have another opportunity on April 6th (more info to follow). Please do not stress as we anticipate being able to fill all family needs for technology. 

If you arrive to pick up a chromebook and did not fill out the pre-survey, unfortunately we will have to reschedule you for the make-up date next Monday, April 6, for you to pick up your chromebook. Those who filled out the survey have chromebooks assigned to their student account and we will not be able to transfer those chromebooks to new accounts until the make-up date to ensure efficiency. 

When do I pick up the chromebook?

Please arrive during these times, per grade. 

Thursday April 2nd

8:00-10:30am- 12th Grade

11:30-2:00pm-  11th Grade

Friday April 3rd

8:00-10:30am- 10th Grade

11:30-2:00pm- 9th Grade

If you are late, you can still pick up your chromebook at one of the later times. However, if you are early, we will have to ask you to wait until your proper grade level time.

What do I need to know or do to pick up my Chromebook?

-One Chromebook will be checked out to each family. If you have multiple QH students in your family, you will most likely be able to pick up a Chromebook for additional siblings, however this will be at the make-up date. Once again, we anticipate being able to accommodate all families after it’s all said and done.

-Your student must be present for chromebook pick up. If your student cannot be present during your scheduled time, you may arrive during one of the times AFTER your scheduled time or during the make-up date of April 6th. 

-Your student must have their ID or a copy/picture of their Power School.

How will the chromebooks be distributed?

We will be abiding by social distancing and asking for students and their families to do so as well. 

Parents/Students will arrive and park in a numbered parking spot located in the “100 Quad parking lot,” which is the East parking lot off 60th street. You will see the numbered parking spaces with tables located at the head of each parking spot. 

When you arrive, you will do one of following to check in:

-Go to and check in using your phone with your parking spot number

-Call 661-718-3100 ext. 703 and check in with your parking spot number

-Walk up to the check-in table located in front of the Library (use this method if you do not have a phone or are arriving by bus or foot)

Once checked in, your Chromebook and accessories will be brought out and set on the table in front of your car. Please do not take offense to us not personally handing you your technology. We are trying to keep everyone as safe as possible. Feel free to say hello though! 

If you can not make your listed time, or times after, know we will have make-up pick-up dates beginning April 6th. Also, those of you that contacted us about Hotspots will be able to pick them up (limited availability) next week as well. 

Once home, if you have any issues with your technology, please email and he will assist you with your tech support. 

Thank you for your cooperation, patience, and support. Go Rebs!!

Distance Learning

I wanted to update you on the operations of Quartz Hill High School this week.

Good evening Quartz Hill High School students and families, 

As we near the beginning of our Distance Learning curriculum, I wanted to update you on the operations of Quartz Hill High School this week. Our school will be closed to the public (other than our normally scheduled lunch distribution from 10:30-12:30) from March 30th – April 1st. Although the physical brick and mortar part of our school will be closed, the spirit of our school, our hard working staff, will be busy prepping and communicating content for each class to be posted on Google Class. 

Beginning April 2nd, students may begin to work on their first weekly cycle of course work.  As students begin to ease out of their abnormal Spring Break to transition back to their studies, please take a few moments on April 2nd to have your student login to their Google Classroom and reach out to their teacher via email if your student is not clear on what to do. 

In regards to the specifics of Distance Learning, please refer to the March 24th Principal update located on Social Media,, under notifications in your school app, and in your or your student's email. Included in that update is information regarding student technology, FAQ, and all the essentials of our social distancing. As always, if after reviewing these updates, you have any questions, reach out to the respective staff member or email me at and I will get you to the proper person for help. 

We look forward to being able to work with our students through this difficult time. We commit to showing patience, having grace, and valuing quality over quantity as we pledge to do the right thing by your student. Thank you for allowing us to do so. Go REBS!

-Principal Zach Mercier

Please complete this survey as soon as possible so our school can prepare for the upcoming distribution scheduled to begin April 2.

As we prepare to transition to distance learning, we want to ensure our students have access to the technological resources necessary.  Please complete this survey as soon as possible so our school can prepare for the upcoming distribution scheduled to begin April 2.  Please note we have a limited number of devices.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to help us further our preparation for Distance Learning.