Antelope Valley School District

Principal's Message

It is my honor to serve as the Principal of Quartz Hill High School. In 1964, the first Quartz Hill High students walked onto a temporary campus, located in the old Antelope Valley Fairgrounds. From that moment to our present day, this school has represented achievement and excellence. The long list of distinguished alumni from QHHS that have gone on to achieve extraordinary things testifies to this fact.

You will discover that your four years at QHHS will move very quickly with all that this beloved school has to offer. Take advantage of the opportunities you are presented with here at QHHS; make the most of your classes and extra-curricular activities and you will find that there will be very few limits to life after high school. Your future is what you choose to make of it; a future that begins right here by seizing the opportunities we provide for you at QHHS.

The staff at Quartz Hill believe in assisting you each day in becoming an expert thinker and problem solver. Every class, club, activity, and sport we offer at QHHS has this core belief – to assist each of you to become a critical thinker and problem solver who is poised to positively impact our community, nation, and world. At QHHS, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving combine to become our “North Star” towards which we navigate each day. Commit to giving your best, each day, at Quartz Hill High School and you will be poised to master your future.

I am excited to lead this school and to have the opportunity to work alongside each of you as we add to the great history of Quartz Hill High School.

Go Rebels!

Zach Mercier