Antelope Valley School District

Royals Calendar '22 - '23

CLICK Page Below for FULL '22 - '23 PDF Calendar

First page of the PDF file: QHHSRoyalCalendar2022-2023_3

Below are PNG Slides of the Royals Calendar '22 - '23 which are displayed in the Library, Administration, & Counseling Offices.  They show all FLEX Days, Holidays, Finals, HOME Sports, Activities, Performances, etc. for the year.  This calendar will be updated regularly as the year progresses with all decided events, Rallies, Assemblies, and Performances!

**Calendar Guide: 

- All days that are 'White' are REGULAR Release Days (3:40 PM Release)

- All days that are Bold Blue are FLEX Days (2:40 PM Release)

- All days that are Light Blue are FINALS Days (1:45 PM Release)

- All days that are Yellow are HOLIDAYS - No School Days

- All days that are Lavender are Back to School Night Days (1:40 PM Release Days)

- All days that are Green are Non-Student Days - No School for Students - PD for Staff