Antelope Valley School District

Transcripts, Registrar, Records and Grades

The Registrar’s Office is located in the administration building. Student services are not available during class time. A valid school I.D. is required for all services through the Registrar’s Office.

Registrar/Records Office

Yoly Arellano   



Fax: 661-722-4964

All transcripts, official and unofficial, for current students can be obtained online through our transcript service

Transcripts ordered through Parchment for college and scholarship applications can be mailed to your home address. Parchment will mail an official transcript or send an electronic official transcript per your college’s requirements. All transcripts requested for NCAA must be requested through Parchment. There is no charge for unofficial transcripts ordered through Parchment.

A copying fee shall be charged for any copies of records requested through the Records office.

Grade changes can only be initiated by the teacher of record for the following reasons: Student absence due to illness or emergency, and teacher error in calculation or reporting of a grade. Students are required to submit missing assignments upon return from verified absence. Under no circumstances can additional new work (i.e. extra credit) be given to change a grade from any previous grading period. Grade changes cannot be made for the sole purpose of qualifying for sports or an activity.

Withdrawal of a student from school

The parent/guardian whose name appears in our system (with current picture ID) must:

  • Go to the Attendance Office for your student’s last name and begin the process there.
  • All financial charges must be paid in cash.
  • The Principal is authorized to withhold records, transcripts, grades, and diplomas of any student who willfully damages or does not return District property loaned to him or her. Any student, at the time of withdrawal, who owes charges shall have those charges forwarded to the new school with written notification that all grades, transcripts, or diplomas are to be withheld until payment of all charges owed to Antelope Valley Union High School District are received. (Ed. Code 48904, 48904.3).


Report Cards are issued 4 times a year.

Only semester grades are entered into the student’s official transcript. Quarter grades DO affect eligibility for student activities and athletics.

A - Excellence
B - Above Average
C - Average
D - Passing
F - Failure
I - Incomplete

Progress reports are issued quarterly, to advise parents of grade, attendance, and work habits problems. This gives the student time to do additional work to improve the grade before semester grades are given for class credit. Parents wishing more frequent reports on their student may pick-up Weekly Progress Reports from the Counseling Office. The student submits the form to the teacher and hand delivers the completed report to the parents. Citizenship grades for extra curricular activities are determined by the total of all classroom teachers’ grades. Students who receive three or more U’s in citizenship are ineligible for participation in extracurricular school activities for the quarter following that grading period.