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Every attempt has been made by the counselors to schedule students into the courses they have chosen during registration; however, students must have done their part to help the counselors. This includes only choosing courses for which the student has met all of the prerequisites and identifying alternatives if a chosen course is unavailable. Students were instructed to take the registration process seriously because they were choosing the next year’s classes. The only changes allowed in July and August when a student returns to pick up their course list will be if an adjustment is required due to the successful completion of a course during summer school, an addition of an ROP, a Work Experience, a concurrent community college course, or dropping to a five period day for seniors who have earned 180 credits and have written parent permission to do so. Level changes within the same subject will be considered only through the first progress report only and only if seats are available. Elective classes, teacher, lunch periods, and/or period changes will not be considered. Second semester class level changes will only be considered for the first 10 days of the beginning of the semester and only for the above-stated reasons.

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Procedure for Level Changes

Schedule Review Request Directions:

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Special Note: Once a change has been made, the new schedule will not, for any reason, be changed back or again.

Required Subjects Years Units  
English 9,10,11,12 4 40 In addition to total credits and required subjects, all students must pass both the English & Math portions of the California High School Exit Exam (State required).

All students must pass Algebra 1 as a District graduation requirement.
Mathematics 3 30
Science 2 20
Social Studies 3 30
Visual/Performing Arts or Foreign Language 1 10
Healthful Living 1 10
Physical Education 2 20
Electives 4 70
Total credits   230  


Proficiency Standards

Physical Education: All current 9th and 10th grade students will be required to take and pass the California Physical Fitness test. Students who have not passed the test by the end of their 10th grade year must choose a PE 3 course in the 11th grade, when they will again have the opportunity to take and pass the test. Students who do not pass the test in the 11th grade, will be enrolled in a PE 3 course in 12th grade.

Work Experience: Mrs. Beane is the Work Experience Coordinator and Instructor for the Work Experience Program. Work Experience is a school supervised program offered to 11thand 12th grade students, 16 years or older, who have an approved job or internship within the confines of the Antelope Valley. Students interning need to volunteer in a non-profit organization for their placement to be approved for credits. Students must also attend required instruction related classes and must work or intern a minimum of 5 hours per week to earn 5 elective credits or 10 hours per week to earn up to 10 elective credits. Enrollment is limited, so see your Guidance counselor or call 661-718-3100 ext. 230 and speak directly to Mrs. Beane for further information.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

QHHS is an authorized International Baccalaureate Diploma School, which offers academically talented and motivated high school students the opportunity to earn an internationally recognized diploma.

Students interested in applying for the IB Diploma program must take certain classes in the summer before 9th grade, so they need to speak to a counselor. This program offers rigorous college preparatory courses in five academic areas: English, foreign language, science, math, and social studies.

Students in the 11th and 12th grades may then begin the IB Diploma Program, which requires that they take courses and complete exams in six academic areas. Students must also complete 150 hours of creative, athletic, and social service activities; write an extended essay of original research; and take a Theory of Knowledge course. For more information, please contact Mr. Cassady, Coordinator ext. 327.

QHHS is proud to be one of only eighty-six high schools in California to offer the IB Diploma Program.


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