Antelope Valley School District

California Scholarship Federation


In order to become a member, the student must submit an application with a report card or transcript reflecting the previous semester’s grades at the beginning of each semester. To secure eligibility for California Scholarship Federation membership, a student must earn sufficient points from the pre-approved course lists made available on the QHHS CSF application.

Life Membership (Sealbearer) is achieved by qualifying for four of six semesters (not including grade 9); one of these semester memberships must be earned with senior grades. (Grades earned in the final semester, just before graduation, may be used to meet this requirement.) Students who meet this qualification will earn the CSF Gold Seal on their diploma and wear a gold robe during the graduation ceremony.

Frequently Asked Questions

Applications and deadlines: Membership is neither automatic nor compulsory. Applications must be processed during the first four weeks of the semester. The By-Laws (Article IV, Section 2) and every chapter's mandatory Standing Rules (Article III, Section 3) require that the eligible student actually apply for membership, and retroactive membership (after the deadline) is prohibited. However, transfer and exchange students may receive an exception to this rule.

Taking a College Course or Summer School: The college course must be a part of the students "normal class load" at your school. Summer school shall not be used for semester membership. This also applies to college courses taken during the summer.

Forfeiture of Membership: CSF student who get into trouble may forfeit or be denied membership. The adviser and the principal together have the right to debar from semester membership (or deny an otherwise qualified applicant) if that student is deemed "an unworthy citizen" (Article IV, Section 17).


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