Antelope Valley School District


Illness or Injury Policy

If a student becomes injured or ill at school, parents will be notified. If parents cannot be reached, emergency contacts will be notified. PLEASE NOTIFY THE SCHOOL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE OF ANY CHANGES IN TELEPHONE NUMBERS, PLACE OF WORK OR EMERGENCY CONTACTS.

The school has personnel trained in performing CPR and first aid. These individuals, the health clerk and/or administration will determine the need to call for further medical assistance.

In the event of serious illness or injury Los Angeles County paramedics may be notified to evaluate the student’s condition and transport the student to the emergency room (if necessary). Every effort will be made to contact the parents with instructions to meet their student in the emergency room or at school. The school does not provide insurance for these situations. It is the parent’s responsibility to pay for medical service including transport to the emergency room.

If a student is on continuous medication, including over the counter medication (aspirin, Tylenol, etc.), they must file the necessary paperwork with the Health Office (Ed. Code 49480). The Health Office must also review a written statement from the student’s doctor detailing method, amount and time schedule the medication(s) is to be taken. The parent/guardian must send a written statement indicating that they wish the school to assist the student in the direction set forth by the doctor.

If your student has a chronic or acute health condition, which can have an effect at school, please contact District Nurse, Diana Davis, 718 - 3100 ext. 154.

School Closing

In case of severe inclement weather, the school may be closed, starting time delayed, or dismissed early. School officials will contact local stations of any changes in the normal school routine. Radio stations:

FM Radio: 93.5; Edge 100.1; KTPI 97.7; KGMX 106.3; Radio Lazer 106.9 (Spanish)

AM Radio: KAVL 610; KUTY 1470

Television: Channel 3 – Adelphia

Efforts will be made to post closures at and to send out an automated phone message, if possible.