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Interested in joining the QHHS ASB Leadership program? Now is your chance to GET INVOLVED and impact thousands while learning life skills and having fun! The ASB Leadership class is looking for next year's student leaders to join the Student Government/Leadership ELECTIVE class.

The ASB Leadership class oversees all major activities on campus, Including, but not limited to:
Assemblies * Lunchtime activities * Homecoming festivities * School-wide community service projects * Dances (Homecoming, Winter Ball & Prom) * Spirit Weeks and activities * Evening activities

Learn and develop life-long skills through the class in:
Communication * Civic & Service Learning * Government * Personal and Social Development * Business & Finance * Technology & Digital Citizenship

The ASB Leadership class meets daily during Zero or 4th period. A grade is earned in the class.  Skills are learned and developed through a combination of lecture/lessons and hands-on real life experiences organizing events and working in committees to achieve goals.  The class demands a high degree of commitment and time from all members.  It’s work, but it’s fun!

Application is available below, complete BOTH:
 APPLICATION PACKET (printed copies also available in room 102)

Applications due Wednesday, March 15 (missed the deadline? space may still be available...stop by ASB Room 102 and speak to Mr. Culver)
Incoming Freshman (current 8th graders) applications due Friday, April 14 

Stop by Room 102 during snack/lunch with any questions or email Mr. Culver at