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2022-23 Incoming 9th Grade Clearance Information

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Quartz Hill High School Athletic Staff:

Vice Principal of Athletics - Peter Blanton

Athletics Secretary - Gizelle Solis

Athletic Director - Aaron Kavanagh


Hello parents and welcome to Quartz Hill High School!  My name is Aaron Kavanagh and I am the Athletic Director at Quartz Hill.  I am excited to help you through your athletic career here at QHHS, but first you need to be cleared to start participating.  

Here is a quick rundown of the important information you will need to begin to get your student-athlete cleared so when we can return to sports, your student-athlete is ready to begin competing!  


  1. Getting Cleared: 

    1. All Quartz Hill student-athletes MUST be cleared to try-out &/or participate in athletics. 

      1. Click on this link and follow the step-by-step procedure

    2. All athletes at QHHS must begin to get cleared online, click the link above for the website and step-by-step procedure

    3. Student-Athletes CAN NOT participate sport specific activities, in-person or online until after their last day of 8th grade

      1. Westside Union - June 5th

      2. Soar/Knight/Palmdale Preps - June 3rd

  2. Physicals:

    1. Athletic Injury Management (AIM) (and others) will do walk-in physicals.  

    2. There are a few conditions that AIM asks of you:

      1. Please have $20 cash for the physicals

      2. Please call ahead and get an appointment, NO WALK-INS

      3. Please limit the number of family that accompanies your child to 1, to maintain proper social distancing in the office

      4. All people that enter the office need to wear masks, per the CDC

      5. Any individual that is symptomatic, please schedule for an appropriate time, and do not enter the office

      6. AIM is located at 1051 West Avenue M Suite #209

    3. All physical forms MUST have a doctor's signature and stamp on it, otherwise they are not cleared

      1. Click on the link for the physical form.

      2. This form, the bus waiver, also needs to be signed and completed to be  able to be cleared.

    4. All physicals must be returned to Quartz Hill before a student can be cleared

  3. Academics:

    1. Quartz Hill students must maintain a 2.0 Grade Point Average to stay eligible for high school sports

      1. This means a 2.0 GPA at the 1st Quarter, 1st Semester, 3rd Quarter and 2nd Semester (for the current year's sports)

      2. A = 4 points, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1; a student would need 12 grade points, assuming typical 6 classes and no more than 2 F’s are allowed for any grading period.

    2. Academic probation will be available for those who fall short of a 2.0 GPA at the grading periods.  However, there are minimum requirements in order to meet eligibility for Athletic Probation.

  4. Sports and Seasons:

    1. Fall:


Cross Country

Girls Tennis

Girls Volleyball

Girls Golf

  1. Winter:

Girls Basketball

Boys Basketball

Girls Soccer

Boys Soccer

Girls Wrestling

Boys Wrestling

  1. Spring



Track and Field


Boys Volleyball

Boys Tennis

Boys Golf

  1. Q and A’s:

Q - Why am I not cleared for baseball but I am for football? 

A - The athlete won't be cleared until the sport comes into season. So this athlete would be cleared for football during football season, and then assuming grades and their physical were still good, would be cleared for baseball during baseball season.


Q - I'm cleared for one season, so am I cleared for all seasons?

A - No.  Grades change and physicals expire. Physicals only last one calendar year.


Q - I turned in my paperwork, but I am still not cleared.  

A - Clearances do not happen instantly.  In normal circumstances you should allow 24-48 hours to get cleared after turning in the paperwork.


Q - I turned in my paperwork, and I am not still cleared, can I still practice while waiting?

A - No.  Student-athletes must wait until FULLY cleared (email to the parent when cleared) to participate in any sports at QHHS.


Q - My team is holding summer workouts and I am not cleared.  Since they are over summer can I participate?

A - No.  Student-athletes must wait until FULLY cleared to participate in any sports at QHHS, online, virtual or physical.

Sports Calendar

Academic Eligibility Requirements


In order to encourage and promote academic excellence, students in grades 9-12 who participate in extra/co-curricular activities/interscholastic competition shall demonstrate satisfactory minimum progress in meeting the requirements for graduation by undertaking the prescribed course of study and meeting the standards of proficiency established by the District.


(cf. 6146.1 - High School Graduation Requirements)

Any student elected or appointed to a student office, or who represents his/her school in extra/cocurricular activities/interscholastic competition, shall meet all the academic eligibility requirements as follows:

Keep at least a 2.0 average on a 4.0 grading scale for the preceding grading period. Each course in which the student is enrolled will be used in the calculations of the grade point average during the period of attendance. All incoming freshmen shall have first quarter as a probationary period to become eligible or ineligible.

Instruction AR 6145(b)


Enroll and maintain passing grades in at least four subjects in each grading period of which only one subject may be physical education.

Maintain minimum progress toward meeting the graduation requirements of the District, which is defined as passing a minimum of 20 credits, with a 2.0 average on a 4.0 grading scale, the previous grading period.

The grade point average used to determine eligibility shall be based on grades of the previous grading period.

The District schools will consider the following as report periods:

First Quarter

First Semester/2nd Quarter

Third Quarter

Second Semester/4th Quarter

Citizenship Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for participation in extra/co-curricular activities/interscholastic competition, each student shall maintain a positive record of citizenship. Students shall be ineligible for participation if they receive three or more unsatisfactory marks in citizenship during the previous grading period.

The principal will have the authority to remove a student who is representing his/her school from extra/co-curricular activities/interscholastic competition if, in the principal’s judgment, the student’s behavior (prior or present) is of a nature considered not conducive to representing his/her school. A student selected to represent the school/District must meet the school’s and the District’s expectations as a role model for others. In order to be eligible to represent one’s school, a student must:

Maintain a high regard for personal standards of courtesy, decency, clean language, appropriate dress, honesty, and wholesome relations with others.

Display respect for the rights of others, conduct him or herself in a manner which reflects a consideration for the rights and privileges of others, and cooperate with all members of the school community.

*Maintain regular and punctual school attendance.


Instruction AR 6145(c)


Attendance Eligibility Requirements

Students are eligible to represent the school in an afternoon or evening activity/competition only if they attend a minimum school day on the day of the activity/competition (240 minutes).

Suspended students are not eligible to represent the school while on suspension. Eligibility returns at the start of the school day on the first day following the suspension.

Athletic – Academic – Activities Letters

Letters are only worn on the QH Letterman jacket with “Columbia” blue shell and white leather sleeves. Jackets are purchased at student’s expense at various sporting goods and trophy shops in the Antelope Valley. No variations to this jacket are allowed.

  • Academic Letter – students must be enrolled in 6 classes; 4 of the 6 classes must meet the entrance requirements for the University of California system; and a grade point average of 3.66 or above must be maintained for two consecutive semesters.
  • Athletic Letters – each sport has different requirements, see coaches for details.
  • Leadership – See Mr. Culver
  • Band – see Band Director
  • Drama – see Drama teacher

2018 Fall Athletic Signees

2018 Fall Athletic Signees

Right to Left: Alicia Volk - Volleyball - Oregon Tech

Jordyn Patton - Volleyball - University of La Verne

Amaya Smith - Volleyball - Lehigh University

Melody Paige - Volleyball - Campbell University

Brenna Crump - Soccer - University of the Pacific

Addison Donis - Gymnastics - UC Davis

Tanner Allison - Baseball - Hiram College

Ryan Sanders - Baseball - Saint Mary's College of California

Kaitlyn Zuniga - Softball - Utah Valley University

Demi Hauser - Softball - Eastern Arizona College


Courtesy of Melrodz Photography

Addison Donis - Gymnastics - UC Davis

Addison Donis - Gymnastics - UC Davis

Addison Donis - Gymnastics - UC Davis


Courtesy of Melrodz Photography