Antelope Valley School District


Attention parents and students: We are accepting applications for the 2022-23 school year.

For those interested in applying, please refer to our AVID Student Contract. Click the application button below to fill out the online form.



We hope to resume interviews in person during the registration process; however, in case of any protocols preventing us from doing so, and out of respect for those who are unable to attend, we will consider alternatives for this requirement.

Teachers/counselors who are recommending an applicant, please click here.

*If you have any further inquiries about our enrollment schedule or selection process, please direct them to

Kathy Kavanagh (AVID Coordinator) or

Jeff Tepper (AVID Head Counselor)

Jacqueline Gamez (AVID Counselor)

Gretchen Vidal (AVID Counselor)