Antelope Valley School District


Attention parents and students: We are accepting applications for the 2018-19 school year.

AVID @ QHHS Application

Teachers/counselors who are recommending an applicant, please click here.

*If you have any further inquiries about our enrollment schedule or selection process, please direct them to either Tim Fields or Jeff Tepper

Congratulations to the Class of 2017!

WTG Kayla!! (QHHS AVID Class of 2017)

100% of you earned the AVID Graduation Stole!!

This past year, we have visited CSU Fullerton, CSU Bakersfield, CSU Northridge, and Pepperdine

Our current AVID students have recorded over 2500 hours of volunteer service in our local communities!

The site team:

  • AVID Coordinator: Tim Fields
  • AVID Elective Teachers: Kathy Kavanagh, Victoria Morrissey, James Vondra
  • AVID Counselors: Jeff Tepper, Gretchen Vidal
  • AVID Administrators: Wendi Johnston, Jeff Robertson, Laura Tweedy-Ferguson, Mike Ybarra
  • Site Team Teachers: Wendy Armstrong, Vic Beck, Veronica Bertell, Tavian Bryant, Trudi Croy, Tawny Estrada, Nate Forte, Russell Glancy, Dave Gutierrez, Ryan Kachold, Kevin Mahady, Jennifer McElroy, Socorro Reyes, Richard Rosenblatt, Carmen Wisdom
  • AVID Tutors: Maria Alvarado, Krista Beck, Cierra Gooden, Val Morales, Taylor Rodriguez