Antelope Valley School District

International Baccalaureate


Welcome to the IB Program at Quartz Hill High School!

Quartz Hill High School is pleased to offer an International Baccalaureate Program for highly motivated and capable Juniors and Seniors. The IB program encourages young adults to be informed, tolerant, and global as they pursue a challenging international curriculum. The IB program is being used in schools worldwide to prepare students for post-secondary school success at any university. Students who master all the components of IB will graduate with two diplomas, one from QHHS and one from IB. This achievement gives the IB student advanced credit or placement status in most colleges and universities. For more information about the IB Program click below

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IB Testimonials

LySandra Vuong - Grad 2016

“My favorite memories are furiously studying together for the IB tests, in groups with lots of snacks and pizza…The IB curriculum taught me different ways of learning, so I felt comfortable trying new disciplines. I’ve worked as a researcher, an engineer, and ultimately decided on being an artist and writer, but I know I could make another switch if I wanted to because I know how to really learn.”

Jeff Cassidy

IB Coordinator

Steve Reti

IB Co-Coordinator

Melody Ramos

IB Secretary