Antelope Valley School District

International Baccalaureate

Honors/International Baccalaureate (IB) Program

IB Diplomas: IB Diplomas are in and can be picked up at the front desk.

Parent Orientation Meetings: 

Tuesday, January 21, 2020 

Thursday, January 23, 2020 

In the QHHS Library from 6-8 PM

These are informational meetings for students interested in the Honors/IB Pathway (pre-requisite for the IB Diploma Program) at QHHS. Parents and students are encouraged to attend. 

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2018 Blue Booklet - IB Program


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Quartz Hill High School

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

Recommended Four-Year Course of Study

Summer School before 9th Grade:  Healthful Living

Grade 9

  • English 9 Honors
  • French 1 Honors or Spanish 1 Honors
  • Appropriate Math class
  • Biology Honors
  • World History Honors, World History AP, European History AP, or Computer Science AP
  • PE 1

March/April of Grade 9: See Counseling regarding PE 2 – to be taken in Grade 10 via Virtual Academy.

Grade 10

  • English 10 Honors
  • French 2 Honors or Spanish 2 Honors
  • Appropriate Math class
  • Chemistry or Chemistry AP
  • AP Elective:  Art History AP/IB (counts as a fine art), Human Geography AP, Computer Science AP (if not taken freshmen year)
  • PE 2 taken through AAV Virtual Academy
  • Fine Art to be taken if taking European History AP, Computer Science AP or Human Geography AP

Grade 11

  • History of the Americas IB HL 2 (Counts as U.S. History)
  • English IB HL 1
  • French 3 Honors or Spanish 3 Honors
  • Mathematics IB SL or Mathematical Studies IB SL or appropriate prerequisite Math class
  • Biology IB HL1
  • IB 6th Subject Option:  Choice of  Visual Arts IB HL or SL Year 1, Psychology IB SL, or Art History IB SL  (Note that Visual Arts IB SL and HL are 2-year courses)
  • *Theory of Knowledge, semester two

Grade 12 (may take part of ToK in summer prior to Grade 12)

  • ToK first semester (if not taken in summer)
  • English IB HL2
  • French IB SL or Spanish IB SL
  • Math IB SL or Math Studies IB SL if not taken in grade 11
  • Biology IB HL2
  • History of the Americas IB HL1 (Counts as Civics/Econ)
  • IB 6th Subject Option: Visual Arts IB HL or SL Year 2, Psychology IB SL, or Art History IB SL.  If 6th Subject Option is completed in junior year, student may take an elective.  

IB courses designated HL are two year courses. With exceptions, IB courses designated SL are one year courses. IB examinations are taken at the end of each course.  Students may take two SL examinations in their 11th grade year.  This is strongly encouraged.  


*ToK to be offered after school on Wednesdays, second semester.