Antelope Valley School District

Social and Emotional Counseling

Quartz Hill High School’s Guidance Department would like to inform you that group counseling services are available. Please complete the following online questionnaire if you are interested in participating in a voluntary counseling group. Counseling services are available for: Grief/Loss; Self-Injury/Self-Harm; Divorce/Blended Family Concerns; Drug/Alcohol Use; Healthy Friendships/Relationships; Anxiety/Stress and Coping Skills; and Anger Management/Conflict Resolution.

You will be contacted by a counselor after the questionnaire has been completed for more specific information.

*Students may not refer other students.

Dianna Aguirre (A-CA)

Gretchen Vidal (Cb-Di) 

Dana Roth (Dj-Ha)    

Shelly Ryan (Hb-Jo)   

Latisha Sampson (Jp-Mi)

Jackie Gamez (Mj-Ri)

Larry Queen (Rj-Se)   

Jeff Tepper (Sf-Z)         

Thank you,

Quartz Hill High School Guidance Department